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While we have announced our speaker lineup and timetable recently, We would also like to introduce our featured speakers lineup for this year’s UbuCon Asia. Featured speakers are specially selected by the content team from among the speakers accepted by the content team, who have submitted topics that are more interesting and appealing to the audience.

Have a look at our featured speakers. And if you would like to attend talks by these speakers, make sure to secure your slot by register to attend today!

Keynote speakers

Varshi Gupta - Engineering Director at Canonical

PaaS App Charmer: Your gateway into the Juju Community!

Tired of complex deployments and locked-in platforms? Join Varshi Gupta, Engineering Director at Canonical, as she unveils PAAS App Charmer. This revolutionary tool simplifies application deployment anywhere using Juju. Learn to build container images, integrate databases, and manage traffic routing - all with ease.

Bhavanishankar Ravindra & Khairul Aizat Kamarudzzaman

Community Keynote: How Open Source May Impact Your Life

Intrigued by Open Source but unsure where to begin? Join Bhavanishankar Ravindra, a seasoned Ubuntu developer and part of Ubuntu LoCo Council, and Khairul Aizat Kamarudzzaman from the Ubuntu Membership Board.

Learn how Open Source has the power to impact your life, and explore the many ways you can contribute โ€“ from coding to translation, and even local community organization. Discover the inclusive Ubuntu community and its welcoming spirit. Plus, gain insights into the Ubuntu Membership program, its application process, and the benefits it unlocks for you and the Open Source world. Get ready to unlock the potential of Open Source!

Talks & Workshops

Rudra Saraswat - Project Lead of Ubuntu Unity

Building Ubuntu remixes with Iona

Join Rudra Saraswat, Ubuntu member and Project Lead of Ubuntu Unity, for a deep dive into building Ubuntu remixes.

In this 1.5-hour workshop, Rudra will unveil Iona, his innovative image builder for Debian-based systems. Witness the creation of unique Ubuntu remixes with niche window managers in real-time. Learn how Iona streamlines the process, letting you craft your own Ubuntu experience from official repositories โ€“ no pre-existing ISOs needed!

Till Kamppeter - OpenPrinting & Canonical

Your app everywhere - Just in a Snap! - Interactive Workshop

Join Till Kamppeter, OpenPrinting leader and Snap evangelist at Canonical, for this interactive workshop.

In 1.5 hours, Till will unveil the power of Snaps - a secure, user-friendly way to package your application for distribution across various Linux systems. Learn how Snaps simplify installation for users and expand your app’s reach.

This hands-on session guides you through creating your first Snap. Through practical exercises with basic GTK/GNOME applications, you’ll gain the skills to package any kind of application, from desktop tools to command-line utilities.

Buo-ren Lin

How to extract the XZ backdoor malware payload

The infamous CVE-2024-3094 incident exposed a hidden vulnerability within the widely used XZ Utils software. In this session, Ubuntu contributor ๅšไป(Buo-ren) ๆž—(Lin) offers a closer look at this supply chain attack.

Buo-ren will guide you through a step-by-step process to safely extract the malware payload hidden within tainted XZ Utils releases on Ubuntu systems. This session is designed for beginners interested in open-source security and how to identify potential threats in practice.

Secure your seat and arrage your travel today!

Interested to join one of those sessions above? Then it is time to register and arrange your travel before it’s too late! Register today at For those who looking for more affordable ticket option, We have launched a new subsidised ticket for students at only 100 INR (Food and Swag not included). Choose ticket option that fits your budget and register today.

If you are looking for good accommodation, you may secure a room from our partnered hotel with special pricing. See for more information on our partnered hotel. See you all in Jaipur this late August!


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