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UbuCon Asia, the premier Ubuntu Linux conference in Asia, is gearing up for its 2024 edition, and we need your involvement to make it a resounding success! Whether you’re an Ubuntu enthusiast, an open-source advocate, or simply someone passionate about technology, there are multiple ways for you to contribute to this exciting event.

Call for Proposals

Do you have a fascinating story to share, a groundbreaking project to showcase, or valuable insights into the world of Ubuntu and open-source software? We welcome proposals for talks, workshops, and BoFs on a wide range of topics related to Ubuntu, Linux, and the broader open-source ecosystem. Submit your proposal today by clicking here!

If you need some inspirations for choosing your proposal topic, we encourage you to check out the video recordings from previous UbuCon Asia events:

These videos will give you a glimpse into the diverse range of topics covered, the quality of content, and the vibrant community that comes together at UbuCon Asia.

Call for Volunteers

UbuCon Asia is a community-driven event, and its success depends on the dedication and hard work of volunteers. We’re seeking enthusiastic individuals to join our team and contribute their time and energy to various aspects of the conference, such as event logistics, registration, technical support, and more. Sign up to become a volunteer by clicking here.

By becoming a volunteer, you’ll have the opportunity to gain valuable experience, meet like-minded individuals, and be an integral part of the Ubuntu community.

Community Partners and Sponsors

We’re also actively seeking community partners and sponsors to support UbuCon Asia 2024. If your organization or company shares our passion for Ubuntu, open-source software and technology, consider becoming a community partner by submitting a form or joining us as a sponsor. Your support will help us create an even more impactful and memorable event.

Whether you choose to submit a proposal, volunteer, become a community partner, or sponsor, your contribution will play a crucial role in shaping UbuCon Asia 2024 and fostering the growth of Ubuntu and the open-source movement in the region.

Stay tuned for more updates. We can’t wait to see your proposals, welcome you aboard as a volunteer, and collaborate with our partners and sponsors!

Let’s make UbuCon Asia 2024 a unforgettable celebration of Ubuntu, open-source, and the power of community collaboration.

Get in touched!

Got some questions or would like to get in touched with organizers and other participants? Feel free to join our chat and discuss or drop an email to us. We’ll be happy to chat with you! To learn more about the event and keep up to date, be sure to check website of UbuCon Asia 2024. Hopefully, See you all in Jaipur, India this year!

Youngbin Han

Organizer - UbuCon Asia & Ubuntu Korean LoCo

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